Kristina Megnin

Week of April 9th


Monday- Friday- Read ANY text every night and fill out reading log! If you run out of space on your reading log- use a blank sheet of paper. Be sure to include the date, pages read, time read, and the title of your book!


Monday group words- braver, bravest, happier, happiest, calmer, calmest, easier, easiest, prettier, prettiest, closer, closest, crazier, craziest, stronger, strongest, cooler, coolest, hotter, hottest, weaker, weakest, dirtier, dirtiest 

Tuesday group words - money, cookie, very, July, monkey, movie, candy, deny, journey, brownie, dizzy, reply, valley, goalie, twenty, turkey, eerie, cherry, donkey, story, body, volley, pinkie, berry

Wednesday group words- her, perch, herd, fern, germ, clerk, heard, earth, learn, search, hear, fear, spear, clear, near, dear, year, deer, steer, cheer, peer, here, there 
Test - Wednesday 


Social Studies
Wax museum groups

The Third Grade