Kristina Megnin


Week of October 16th

Monday- Read 30 minutes and fill out log!

Tuesday-Read for 30 minutes and come up with 2 questions on post-it notes."How Could...?" "Why did...?" 


Monday Group Words- setting, floating, stopping, coming,grinning,jogging, pushing, fixing, hiking, cutting, living, begging, having, taking, humming, going, reading,moving, spelling, adding, feeling, talking, working, snowing
*Will be tested on Monday 23rd

 Tuesday Group Words- glass, past, trash, trade, brave, grave, taste, shape, nail, snail, grain, gain, trail, day, stay, play, tray, may, gray, say, they
*Will be tested on Tuesday 24th

 Wednesday Group Words- that,chat,shall, shack, chap, ship, whip, chill, this, which, chip, chin, chick, thin, thick
*Will be tested on Wednesday 25th


Forces and Motion

Social Studies
Map Skills

The Third Grade