Kristina Francica

Week of March 13th

* Please make sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes every night...the only way to get better at reading, is to READ


read any text for 20 minutes
read any text for 20 minutes
read any text for 20 minutes
read any text for 20 minutes

read any text for 20 minutes
study spelling words - all groups!

Reading skill: Fiction Text: Problem and solution, Identifying theme, Making Connections to Character 
Reading strategy: Inference, Summarize
Spelling words: There will be three different spelling lists this week. Group 1 will be tested on Monday, Group 2 will be tested on Tuesday and Group 3 will be tested on Wednesday

frighten, ninety, higher, driveway, slightly, lightning, sidewalk, highway, brightly, beside, delight, surprise, decide, advice, survive, combine, arrive, provide, invite, describe, polite, machine, forgive, favorite

somebody, himself, everything, anyone, without, inside, something, itself, everyone, outside, anything, beside, sometime, yourself, throughout, sideways, herself, somewhere, nothing, somehow, someone, myself, checkout, themselves 

crust, cube, food, fruit, build, from, suit, juice, boom, smooth, broom, mood, moon, spoon, tooth, dude, flute, skunk, bump, trust

Vocabulary words: This week we are working on using context clues to find the definition of the word.

Context clues include: looking for the definition in the sentence using "or", looking for synonyms, looking for antonyms, and looking for word parts

Please refer to Ms. Fitzpatrick's website for writing homework, and Mrs. Kelly's website for math homework for your child.

The Third Grade