Kristina Megnin


Week of December 11th

Monday- Read fiction and post about CHARACTERS
Tuesday- Continue to read fiction and grow ideas about CHARACTERS-jot on post-its!


Monday Group Words- garden, airplane, compare, careful, market, aware, carpet, despair, parents, toward, haircut, harvest, marble, repair, carry, fairy, hardly, declare, partner, beware, pardon, barber, barely, dairy
*Will be tested on Monday 18th

 Tuesday Group Words- silent, happen, number, funny, winter, follow, female, better, problem, after, moment, pattern, sister, finger, bottom, chapter, fever, member, blanket, pillow, water. only, yellow window
*Will be tested on Tuesday 19th

 Wednesday Group Words- wait, read, need, beast, toast, wheel, sheep, leak, coast, trail, zoom, three, neat,  moan, sheet, scoop, rail, cheek, pea, throat, loop, cream, sail, booth
*Will be tested on Wednesday 20th


Growth and development of organisms 

Social Studies

The Third Grade