Kristina Megnin

Week of February 12th

Monday- Friday- Read ANY text every night and fill out reading log! If you run out of space on your reading log- use a blank sheet of paper. Be sure to include the date, pages read, time read, and the title of your book!


Monday group words-mercy, early, nearby, career, severe, earthquake, spearmint, sermon, teardrop, kernel, pearly, yearbook, sincere, hermit, learner, rehearse, appear, thermos, adhere, dreary, cheerful, yearn, serpent, merely
Test - Monday 1/29

Tuesday group words - athlete, pilgrim, create, control, complete, children, poet, duet, pumpkin, monster, riot, mushroom, halfway, kitchen, trial, poem, English, hundred, cruel, giant, lion, kingdom, inspect, diet
Test- Tuesday 1/30

Wednesday group words- thumb, new, blue, cube, grew, truth, dune, trunk, chew, do, due, brush, glue, fume, junk, true, stuck, flew, stew, knew, crew, blew, dew
Test - Wednesday 1/31


Growth and development of organisms 
Social Studies
Wax museum groups

The Third Grade