Introduction to Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop is developed by Lucy Calkins from
Columbia University's Teachers College

-In using the reader’s workshop approach, each child reads on their level and learns how to choose their own “just right” books to read during their independent reading time. Students in the Readers Workshop choose books that are on their independent level to practice independently and practice books with their teacher (in a small group) that are on their instructional level. 

Daily Structure of Reader’s Workshop


The goal of the mini-lesson is for students to develop the skills of lifelong, self-regulated readers.  The daily mini-lesson meets the needs of the readers in the classroom by modeling a strategy or behavior that focuses on a specific goal. After the mini-lesson, the students engage in a guided practice activity so they can apply the skill/strategy that was just taught while reading independently.

Independent Reading

The goal of independent reading is to provide time for students to develop self-regulated reading behaviors and view themselves as lifelong readers by reading daily inside and outside of school.  Students have the opportunity to self-select their own texts and apply reading strategies they have learned to deepen their comprehension of text.  

Reading Conferences 

While students engage in independent reading, the teacher conducts one-to-one conferences or teaches small reading groups.  Reading conferences help to provide feedback to students and lift students’ application of reading strategies/behaviors to deepen comprehension and fluency.  

Small Group Instruction

Guided Reading Groups

The teacher works with small groups of students with similar reading needs and targets instruction to meet these needs.  The teacher selects and introduces a new book and provides scaffolds so students can develop independence as they read by applying strategies to deepen their comprehension.

Book Clubs

Book clubs consist of small groups engaging in collaborative discussions about books. Students learn how to  facilitate and engage in a discussions amongst their groups based on their reading levels. 


The goal of sharing is for students to see themselves as readers and value their work as readers. Students have the opportunity to share their reading and receive feedback and learn from other readers.