Marissa DiPetrillo

First Grade Newsletter

Dear Family,


The children had a great first week of first grade!  The best part is that they all seemed excited to come back to school and are looking forward to all the exciting things we will be doing in school this year.



  • *You may send in a water bottle for your child to keep at his/her desk. 
  • *The weather is getting cooler, so please be sure to send your child in with a light jacket. We try and get outside everyday during recess.
  • *Please make sure that your child’s lunch money is in an envelope with your child’s name on it as well as his/her teacher’s name.
  • *Please pack a healthy snack everyday! We are a NUT-FREE classroom.
  • *Please look through and empty your child’s folder everyday.




This Week In School:

*Reading & Writing - We will be learning about the author Tomie dePaola, we will read his books, we will discuss what kind of author he is and we will discus how to write our own stories.

*Phonics & Spelling - Words with ‘short A’

*Math - Adding Numbers up to 10.

*Science - Kinds of Living Things

*Social Studies - I Learn at School

*Health - Learn Health Facts


  1. Phonics - The children will get a phonics packet every Monday…this entire packet will be due on Friday. Included in this packet is a Decodable Reader.  Your child must fold it to make it into a book, write their name on it, and highlight or circle all the ‘short A’ words they read, as well as read the story 3 times to an adult or older sibling.
  2. Math - The children will get a 2-sided math homework sheet every night except for Friday.
  3. Spelling - The children will get 2 sets of spelling words, Red words and Green words.  The Red words are to be written on index cards and studied during the month.  These are words that cannot be sounded out, they are called Sight Words. The children will be tested on these at the end of the month.  The Green words will be given on Mondays to be studied all week and the kids will be tested weekly on Fridays.  These are words that they can sound out, for example ‘short A’ words. There will be a spelling packet going home on Monday, they are to chose 3 activities from this packet and complete them by Friday.   Please read the instructions carefully.
  4. Reading - We will also be starting Reading Logs to be done at home as part of their homework as well.  We will keep you posted on when that will begin. 



Thank you,


Mrs. Galati

Ms. DiPetrillo