Marie Corrigan

Marie Corrigan RNBS, CSN school nurse at Gilbert Avenue School, Elmwood Park I can be reached at 20l 796 8700 EXT 2989. Please call and leave a message if your child will be absent.


Policy Overview

Attendance Policy: Parents are required by law to communicate with the school by telephone or email any absence unless other arrangements have been made.

Arrival: Students should not arrive at the school grounds before 8:30am.  Supervision is not provided before this time.

Dismissal:  Students should depart from the school grounds immediately after dismissal (3:15p.m.) unless they are staying for tutoring, detention or participation in extracurricular activities.

Emergency Contact Update: Please inform the main office with any changes to emergency contact numbers.  Parents/ guardians are asked to provide home, work and cell numbers and at least two phone numbers of individuals who will be responsible for your child when a parent/ guardian is not available.  Please do not list individuals who are unable to drive or are unavailable during school hours.

Injury/ Illness Policy: When a child is injured or becomes ill during school, the following procedure shall be followed:

  • First Aid treatment is administered.
  • The parent/ guardian listed on the emergency card will be notified.
  • The parent/ guardian will be requested to come for the student or arrange other transportation.
  • If no parent is available, the emergency contacts listed will be notified to assume temporary care in your absence.  Unfortunately, students will not be able to remain in the health office all day.


Please note: If your child has been sent home from school because of illness, please ensure that they are completely recovered before they return.

Please remember that the school is not responsible for treatment/ follow-up of injuries occurring at home or outside of school property.