Ms Schweitzer

Welcome to Ms. Schweitzer's Fifth Grade Class!

to our February Student of the Month: Jasmin Ellis

We are currently working on:
Math: Chapter 9 - Algebra: Patterns & Graphing
Science: Energy in Organisms
Social Studies: Westward Expansion

Math Videos to Reference:

Multiplying Fractions:

Long Division

Rounding Decimals -

Rounding Decimals in SPANISH -

Place Value -

Multiplying Decimals

Weekly Homework:

Please be sure to pack your child a healthy snack and lunch each day!

Math - 5 Minutes of Basic Facts on Calendar
Math - Chapter 9 - Introduction

Math - 5 Minutes of Basic Facts on Calendar
Math - Chapter 9 Lesson 2 - Page 543 ALL #'s

Math - 5 Minutes of Basic Facts on Calendar
Math - Chapter 9 Lesson 2 Worksheet

Math - 5 Minutes of Basic Facts on Calendar
Math - NO WKBK Pages - FIELD TRIP!!!

Math - Study/Practice your Multiplication Facts over the weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

* Please note that Homework is posted on Monday and is subject to change throughout the week. - Thank you! *

Scholastic Class Code for Orders: 

Upcoming Dates:

February 21st - Paint Night Rescheduled Date
February 22nd - EP STRONG Fundraiser - Wear Red/White/Black for $2
March 5th - GHSA & 5th Grade Committee Meeting 7PM
March 8th - Dime War Water Bottle Challenge Ends!
March 21st - Grades 3-5 Lip Sync Battle Practice
March 21st - Field Trip! 
March 28th - Report Cards for 2nd Trimester are posted

Just A Friendly Reminder:
All Grades, Progress Reports, and Report Cards can be viewed through the Parent Portal, which is located on our School Homepage.
If you need any assistance signing up, please feel free to contact me! 

Suggested Supply List

2018 - 2019

We suggest color coordinating your book covers, notebooks, and folders for organizational purposes. 

*Please label each notebook*:

1. Three 3 Subject Notebooks: Math, Reading, and Writing

2. Four Composition Books: Math, Reading, Social Studies, & Spelling

3. Two 1 Subject Notebooks: Health & Spanish

4. Two 1-inch Binders: Science/Social Studies (shared) & Reading

5. Three Packages of Wide Ruled Lined Paper with holes (for Binders)

6. Five Folders: Reading, Math, Writing, Spanish, & Take Home

7. #2 Pencils (No pens allowed & no mechanical pencils)

8. Post-Its (Small & Regular Sized) 

9. Colored Pencils, Crayons, Markers, Glue, Scissors, Highlighters

10. Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Lysol Wipes


If you have any questions/concerns
please feel free to contact me at

Writing Teacher:
Mrs. Gawrylo Email:
Reading Teacher: Ms. Planthaber Email:

Dr. Seuss