Week of 9/11:

*No Spelling this week


Reading: bring a book from home
Social Studies: Finish project


Reading: Grow Ideas G4_U1_S1_HW (1).docx
Social Studies: None


Reading: Reading log
Social Studies: finish answering study guide questions, quiz Friday

S.S. Questions: Week 1

  1. People who study weather are known as ____________________________.

  2. How many degrees higher has the average temperature on Earth gone up since 1880?

  3. According to climatologists, how can our state’s climate be described?

  4. What term do meteorologists use to describe heat and/or cold?

  5. What does it mean if a mammal is nocturnal?

  6. What is New Jersey’s state capital?

  7. In which county is the state capitol located?

  8. What are the three Middle Atlantic States?

  9. Which state does New Jersey share its only land boundary with?