Mrs. Alouidor 's Second Grade Class


Week of Nov. 6, 2017
Mon-Math pages 191-192
Spelling- Group C Study for test on Wed.

Week of Nov. 13, 2017

Monday: ELA Worksheet (WS)
Math: pages 197-198
Spelling-Group A -write each word three times each
Group C-Study for test

Tuesday: ELA Worksheet (WS)
Math pages 203-204
Spelling: Group A: Spelling Choice Activity
Group B Write each word three times each

Wednesday: ELA Worksheet (WS)
Math: pages 209-210 
Spelling: Groups A, B Choose a Spelling Choice Activity
Group C-Write each word three times each

Thursday: ELA Worksheet (WS)
Math: pages 215-216
Group A- study for test 
Groups  B,C Spelling Choice Activity


Group B- study for test/test on Monday