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Hands on Globe

"The future of the world is in my classroom today."
-Ivan Welton Fitzwater

Special Schedule
 sneakers  Monday- Gym 
computer Tuesday- Computers
spanish Wednesday- World Language
art  Thursday- Media & Art

health Friday- Health

spelling  Spelling Words: Week of 11/13/17 

Monday Group
scratchy, silently, merrily, squirmy, velvety, rapidly, secretly, greedily, squeaky, seriously, fluently, hastily, wealthy, skinny, eagerly, readily, swampy, generously, shaggy, politely, silvery, briefly, spotty, bravely.
*Students will be tested on these words Monday, November 27th

Tuesday Group
hoping, hopping, cleaned, skipped, plotting, quoted, joking, wrapped, greeted, telling, winning, hunted, racing, nodded, shouting, skated, panting, floated, leaking, letting, needed, saving, painted, faded. 
*Students will be tested on these words Tuesday, November 28th

Wednesday Group
when, dead, trees, each, reach, head, queen, east, street, bread, seat, dream, great, lead, steam, sled, sweet, breath, beach, death.
*Students will be tested on these words Wednesday, November 29th.

Weekly Spelling Activities:
 1) Word Sort 2) Pyramid
3) Sentences 4) Word Search
**Please complete ALL of these activities inside of your Spelling Notebook. You must do a minimum of 15 words for all activities, except for Word Sort (must sort ALL spelling words).
**All four activities will be due on your assigned spelling day, when you will also complete your spelling test.

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