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"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you"
Dr. Seuss

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pencilSpelling Words for the Week of 03/27/17pencil 

rooster, include, Tuesday, reduce, balloon, useful, cartoon, doodle, fewer, jewel, refuse, raccoon, toothache, excuse, noodle, beauty, shampoo, pollute, chewy, scooter, confuse, cocoon, cougar, amuse.
*Students will be tested on these words Monday, April 3rd.

 silent, happen, number, funny, winter, follow, female, better, problem, after, moment, pattern, sister, finger, bottom, chapter, fever, member, blanket, pillow, water, only, yellow, window.
*Students will be tested on these words Tuesday, April 4th.

wait, read, need, beast, toast, wheel, sheep, leak, coast, trail, zoom, three, neat, moan, sheet, scoop, rail, cheek, pea, throat, loop, cream, sail, booth.
*Students will be tested on these words Wednesday, April 5th.

Spelling Activities:
 1) Word Sort 2) Rainbow Words 3) Poetry 4) Sentences
**Please complete inside of Spelling Notebook.

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