Miss Murphy

         HOMEWORK SCHEDULE  (06/05/17---06/09/17)

Dear Parents, 
  Field Day is on Tuesday!  We are on the white team.  Your child should wear a white shirt.  I will be checking to see if your child can count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens. We will be learning the new red words “went” and “here”.   In math we will be working on our addition and subtraction facts to help us get ready for 1st grade math. 

Monday-- *** Look over 50 red word test.  Please practice the words your child could not read.  Practice counting to 100! Study 50 red words! Complete “How to Draw a Turtle” worksheet.  Don’t forget to write 2 sentences about a turtle on back.  Complete math worksheet.  ****Field Day tomorrow! ***Wear a white shirt!!!


 WednesdayComplete “Save the Earth” worksheet. Write your own sentences on back using your red words. Complete math homework.  Write and solve your own addition sentences on back.

 Thursday—  Read the story “Yes, We Get Wet!”” and complete comprehension questions.  Practice writing the numbers 0-10 and write/solve 5 addition sentences on back ****gym tomorrow! 

 Friday---   Read books on your level.  Continue to count to 100 and higher by ones and tens and recognize and write numbers out of order to 30. Practice reading all 50 red words.

 Special Schedule 2016-2017

Monday---Science Lab  2:00--2:30
Tuesday-- Media -- 10:00-10:30 & Computers 1:45-2:30
Wednesday--World Language--9:45-10:30
Friday---Gym  12:30--1:15

**.  1--Backpack (No wheels--Must be able to fit a folder)
**.  Change of clothes "keep in bottom of back pack"
**.  Lunch box
**.  8 Boxes of Crayola Primary Color (8 pack)
**.  6  Glue Sticks
**.  pencils--yellow #2 soft (1 box would be great!)
**.  Erasers--2 large ones
**.  1--Folder with bottom pockets 

**.  2--black and white notebooks ( no spiral)
**.  2 Boxes of Tissues for Class (Optional)
**.  2 Package of Disinfectant Wipes for Class ( Optional)
Please label your child's backpack, lunch box, and rest towel with their full name.  I will label all other supplies for them.

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