Ms. Gaydos

Homework: April 9 - 13

PARCC practice

Complete Activities on the following words:

Tuesday Group (Test Tuesday 4/17): 1st long e, 1st short e, 2nd long e
needle, season, compete, feature, pleasant, extreme, eastern, people, feather, increase, repeat, heavy, meaning, fifteen, steady, reader, succeed, leather, defeat, freedom, indeed, sweater, healthy, thirteen

Wednesday Group (Test Wednesday 4/18): -en, -on, -ain, -in
broken, cousin, gallon, heaven, bargain, mission, stolen, prison, dragon, eleven, captain, cabin, chosen, muffin, bacon, curtain,  mountain, cotton, hidden, ribbon, napkin, fountain, mitten, penguin

Thursday Group (Test Thursday 4/19): -short a, -short o, -ar, -or
frog, corn, barn, trot, trap, cork, mark, brag, grab, fork, crop, cord, scarf, cram, dart, short, star, scar, track, war, charm, horn, craft, prop

Social Studies:


Monday: Physical Education (Remember to wear sneakers!)
Monday: Science Lab
Tuesday: Computer Lab
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Technology
Friday: World Language

 Supply List:
1 small pencil box
3 boxes of #2 pencils  (Not Mechanical)
Hand-held pencil sharpener (Not Electric)1 box of crayons
1 pair of scissors
2 packs of glue sticks
3 packages of Post-It notes
8 Folders (Labeled: Math, Reading, Writing, Science/Social Studies, Take Home Folder, Unfinished Work Folder, World Language, Science Lab)
Loose-leaf paper with three holes
1 one inch binder
1 pack of dividers for binder
1 three subject notebook (Labeled: Writing)
5 one subject notebooks (Labeled: Vocabulary, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, Health)
2 composition notebooks (Labeled: Math)
2 boxes of tissues (optional for class)

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to email me at