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Congratulations to our February Student of the Month!!!

Alex Ozmogi!!!!!

Dress down day Friday!



Writing Homework 


Take a look at what we are working on!

Writing: Students continue exploring Opinion/Argument writing.

Social StudiesStudent will be exploring the Civil War. 

Science: Students are investigating ecosystems and dynamics.

Spelling: Students will continue their spelling unit based on their academic level to prepare for their test on THURSDAY 3/14

 Group 1- ar, ur, or
jar, hard, hoarse, stir, poor, chore, boar, snore, sir, serve, yarn, worst, core, earn, bore, spur, fort, pour, pearl, horse, march, lurk, score, thorn.

Group 2- -et, -it, -ate, oddball
jacket, secret, ballet, pirate, senate, habit, summit, orbit, edit, private, target, racket, buffet, comet, closet, magnet, climate, unit, credit, limit, quiet, rocket, bandit, merit.

Group 3-  dress, rust, tract, mot
progress, promote, distract, rupture, aggressive, egress, extract, tractor, interrupt, regress, motion, traction, abrupt, locomotive, transgress, emotion, detract, erupt, digress, demote, attract, disrupt, motivate, emoticon.

**Students are reminded that they are to complete 2 activities from the Sorts worksheet and 2 activities from their Word Study Choice Boards. All activities are due on Thursday, March 14th and test will be on the same day! 


Monday- Health/Instrumental
Tuesday- Tech and Gym
Wednesday- Computers and Art
Thursday- L.E.A.D/Instrumental (new students)
Friday- World Language


Just A Friendly Reminder:

All Grades, Progress Reports, and Report Cards can be viewed through the Parent Portal, which is located on our School Homepage.
If you need any assistance signing up, please feel free to contact me! 

*Please have your child bring a healthy snack every day to school and a bottle of water. ** Reminder no nut products for snack time!**

*Please remember to check your child's folder daily and remove any items from the "leave home" side and look for any important notices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
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